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Steady rhythms, soft ambient sounds, and smooth vocals often accompany the yoga classes I attend. Either that, or no music at all. Recently though, I went to a class that included some pop music on the playlist. Songs that I regularly hear on the radio (and love) slowly filled my ears and enticed me to dance around in my Paschimottanasana (seated deep forward fold). I didn’t mind the pop music but I did realize that the music pulled me away from my awareness of breath and pulled me out of that inwardly focused concentration.
I wonder sometimes what my intention is for the practice of yoga. Some days I go to classes just to “feel good” and move around in my body; I use the time to just open and loosen up. Those days any music that makes me happy and encourages more movement is welcome. Most often though, I dedicate that time in a yoga class for “study”: to practice this discipline of moving meditation.
I’d like to know, what is your motivation and intention when you attend classes each week? And do you have a preference with your music? Lyrics/no lyrics?
Do you ever hear pop music in classes, and how does it make you feel?Would the music take you this deep?

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