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Written by Sujantra – July 2017
*The North Park Studio location has now permanently closed.
All classes are offered at our Adams Avenue location or Live Stream via Zoom.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new studio in North Park!

After having been at our current North Park location for 6 years, we have decided to move to a location that will offer parking, bigger yoga rooms, bike racks, and a covered courtyard. The new location is 2.5 blocks north on 30th Street next to Ritual Tavern and across Young Hickory Coffee Shop.

Change is always a challenge: stepping away from the known and familiar and into the unknown. Learning a new posture in class is the same experience. We find our body moving and opening in new and unfamiliar ways, but we soon discover a newness exhilarating.

The other day in yoga class, I watched someone do an arm-balancing posture for the first time. The look of excitement and satisfaction on their face was contagious. If we don’t try new things, then we risk letting ourselves get stuck in the past.

New sights and sounds, new tastes and smells, new points of contact: this is what energizes us. The feeling of newness is within our reach each time we practice yoga. Let go of the past and experience the joy of the unknown. And… we hope you enjoy the new studio!

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