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By Lena Schmidt

Each week we’ll be exploring our relationship to and with the elements in Yoga 1 on Wednesday mornings at 8am-9am in North Park. See you on the mat!

Earth energy is related to stability, strength, discipline, commitment, loyalty, integrity, regularity, and steadiness. When we are at harmony with the Earth element we feel centered, secure, and an internal feeling of “home” wherever we go. Practice gratitude for all the Earth provides: lakes and rivers, oceans and streams, food for your belly, firm ground to stand on, and every living being you’ve ever known! Connect to the Earth:

On your mat:
• Practice seated and reclined poses to feel the Earth beneath you
• Stretch the legs (hamstrings, quadriceps, IT band, ankles, feet, hips)
• Practice standing poses that utilize a strong, stable base (Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Crescent Lunge, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Triangle Pose)
• Notice how gravity works on the body: feel grounded and balanced in all poses
• Connect to the Root/Muladhara Chakra and wear the color red

Off your mat:
• Connect with the Earth and nature by going outside
• Go for a hike or take a walk on the beach
• Garden! Plant native species and plants that don’t need much water
• Visit a local farmer’s market
• Eat more organic fruits and veggies and eat foods that promote healthy digestion
• Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!
• Educate children about the importance of a sustainable environment
• Walk, bike, or take public transit when possible

Think about: What does it feel like when you’re “grounded”?

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