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Each week we’ll be exploring our relationship to and with the elements in Yoga 1 on Wednesday mornings at 8am-9am in North Park. See you on the mat!

Fire energy is related to passion, taking charge, transformation, courage, willpower, and vision. When we are at harmony with the Fire element we feel alive! We have a burning desire to take initiative and follow our passions. Practice gratitude for all Fire provides: warmth, heat, and light! Connect to the Fire:

On your mat:
Practice challenging poses such as Plank, Side Plank, Chaturanga, and Boat Pose, to feel the Fire within you
Practice twisting poses to wring out the midsection and release toxins, heat, and negative thoughts
Practice Ujjayi Pranayama (oceanic, audible breathing) to heat the body from within
Enjoy a long Savasana to feel your pure potential: recharge your inner light by taking rest; you can stoke the flames by deepening the breath at any point
Connect to the Solar Plexus/Manipura Chakra and wear the color yellow

Off your mat:
Connect with the Fire by basking in the sun (wear sunscreen and a hat!)
Go for a hike or take a walk on the beach
Watch the sunset
Practice candle meditation: Light a candle. Meditate on the flame. Observe your body and breath.
Notice how emotions of joy, anger, hatred, and openness play into your life

Think about: What are you passionate about? What does it take courage for you to do?

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