Our Relationship with Harmony and Balance by Lena Schmidt

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Harmony and Balance occur when we equalize the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether/Space within us. When all the elements are balanced and harmonious, we flow easily with the rhythms of life, move through challenges with grace and ease, and help others do the same. Connect with Harmony and Balance:

On your mat:
• Focus on your breath throughout your yoga practice
• Set an intention for harmony and balance each time you step on the mat
• Practice both challenging poses and restorative poses
• Practice balancing poses such as Mountain, Tree,
• Connect to all the Chakras and wear more colors
• Connect to your Aura and wear the color white

Off your mat:
• Practice gratitude!
• Notice where your life feels imbalanced (too much work? too much play? Not enough sleep? Not enough time?). Make a change.
• Eat nourishing and healthy foods
• Create a “to do” list and work through it diligently
• Enjoy a day of rest
• Set an intention to bring more harmony and balance into your life. Choose practical steps you can take to make your life feel more balanced.

Think about: I feel most balanced when_________________.

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