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When I first began my yoga teacher training, I was over the moon about yoga. I was thrilled with all the new things I was learning, my developing physical practice, and my new community of yogi friends. I wanted to tell anyone and everyone I knew about how amazingly life-changing a yoga practice can be.

However, the lead instructor in my training suggested that we not proselytize yoga, but instead wait to field questions from those persons who might be interested. He said that a person who is ready to make a change in his or her life will see the light and happiness in our hearts and approach us to inquire about that special spark.

Years later, I work and practice at Pilgrimage. Everyday I notice and smile at all the beautiful sparks around me. I am one of those lucky people who truly enjoys coming to work. The teachers spark, the students spark, and the staff sparks. Coming into the studio, it’s impossible not to absorb this light and feel more loved, more light. Students will often mention to me that Pilgrimage feels very “right” to them, as if they’d been brought here at just the right time in their lives.

I would have to agree as I feel the same way. Observing a busy Thursday night at the studio with students chatting after class and teachers welcoming new faces, I can be fairly certain that these sparks are contagious. –Michelle Laxton

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