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“I love how my practice can be whatever I need. Gentle and meditative, or the sweatiest high energy flow – there’s an option for every mood. Yoga serves my mind and body in equal measure. Yoga makes me feel strong and beautiful.”

Meet Mica! One of our students 😌

What brought you to Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga?
I came to Pilgrimage out of need – I was a lifelong runner whose knees finally demanded low-impact exercise. I stayed for the fantastic teachers and staff. It’s such a kind, caring environment – never even a whiff of posturing or competition or judgment – and I can no longer imagine life without the studio.

What do you value and enjoy about our Live Stream and/or Outdoor yoga classes?
Daniel, Jamie, Arezou, Heather, Lauren K., and Nam… their classes make my day every single time. It’s true that I miss the indoor studio a ton. But the outdoor patio is totally comfy, and with a busy work schedule, the ability to practice from home is actually incredibly handy.

Mica, along with all of our students, staff, and teachers, are what makes this community so special! We’re so grateful. 🙏🏼✨

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