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One Part Podcast is hosted by Jessica Murnane who started along her wellness journey after a struggle with endometriosis left her depressed, with doctors ordering her to have a hysterectomy. Desperate for a less severe option, Jessica decided to try out a plant-based diet and a healthier lifestyle. Seeing the changes in her health and being able to avoid surgery opened her eyes to the appeal of the different facets of living a balanced diet. With that in mind, she started her podcast to try and help others along their wellness journey.

In a sea of podcasts about health and wellness, One Part stood out to me because of the host’s down-to-earth nature and inquisitive questions to each guest, which are some of the most inspirational people in wellness, food, business, music, and design. Each interview feels like a chat between two old best friends that are catching up and I often find myself laughing and nodding along as if I were right there with them. There are no pretenses, no gimmicks, agendas or schedules, just an honest conversation between two people who are passionate about healthy lifestyles. Jessica is skilled at posing raw and poignant questions that draw out frank and often cathartic discussions.

The host recently published a plant-based cookbook, One Part Plant. She is committed to the mission of inspiring people to eat at least one plant-based recipe a day. At the end of each episode, she has each guest share a plant-based recipe that they are excited to try. Many of the show’s topics relate to healthy eating and physical health but what really brought me to love this podcast was the focus on a vast range of topics that also affect our everyday mental health, like overcoming overwhelm, being enough, building confidence, simplifying your life and much more.

She puts a great emphasis on health and wellness not being a one-size-fits-all journey and her refreshing take on this has become a favorite part of my Sunday routine as I get ready for the new week. I hope you will find it as enjoyable as I do. If you would like to listen, you can find it on Itunes, Cast box, or online at http://www.jessicamurnane.com.

About the Author:

Kat Gulino found Yoga when looking for a complement to long-distance running. She found that practicing Yoga not only enhanced her physically but also helped ease her struggle with stress and anxiety better than anything she had tried before. After a devastating knee injury left her permanently sidelined from running, she dove into Yoga further, enriching her knowledge and practice.

Having taught English and Kindergarten abroad in multiple countries, she wanted to extend her love of teaching to Yoga and got her Yoga Teacher Training in Baja California, Mexico to spread her love of Yoga with others.

Kat believes Yoga is much more than a physical practice and is constantly learning and practicing mindfulness in an effort to improve her life and that of her students, both on and off the mat. In her time off she enjoys hiking, traveling and cooking delicious and nutritious meals.

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