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Jason Freeman and Jamie Lee

If you’re looking for an informative podcast about yoga, you should definitely check out the Yogaland Podcast. The host, Andrea Ferretti is a former yoga teacher and editor for Yoga Journal. Along with her regular guest and husband, Jason Crandell, they discuss the interesting nuances of your yoga practice. Jason is my teacher, and I did my advanced training with him. I may be biased, but this podcast contains invaluable information for both teachers and students of yoga. They have a lot of episodes that tackle subjects about how to be a better yoga teacher and how to help students. If nothing else, you’ll get an insight into why and how I teach the way I do.

There are a lot of episodes that address subjects from a teaching point of view, and how to teach to students. But if you are not a teacher, don’t let that deter you from listening. These particular episodes will give you a clearer insight into the practice from a teachers perspective, which will ultimately help you to understand the practice for yourself. Andrea and Jason both approach each episode with light-hearted humor, and when Jason isn’t on, the other guests that they interview are all so very compelling and exciting. 

Insider alert! One of the latest episodes, on February 11th, features both Jason Freeman and Jamie Lee. Many of you may know Jamie as she teaches regular weekly classes for Pilgrimage, and if you have not met Jason Freeman yet, he is a consistent and dedicated member, and he’s awesome. Their episode was one of the most inspiring I’ve heard in a long time; discussing how to really embrace your authentic self and be who you are.

Check it out and feel free to stop me when you see me, Jamie or even Jason around the studio to let us know what you think!

You can find the Yogaland Podcast here:  http://www.jasonyoga.com/podcast/. Or anywhere else you listen to Podcasts!

About the Author:

Nam is an RYT500 and E-RYT200 teacher who has studied under Jason Crandell. As a student and teacher of yoga and functional movement modalities, his yoga classes are grounded in strength, anatomical detail and mindfulness. Nam offers detailed verbal cues and expert hands on adjustments/assists to help his students find a fuller experience in their yoga practice; emphasizing breath and proper alignment in each of his classes. Whether teaching a restorative or vinyasa class, students can expect to explore their strengthens, work on focus, and learn to find balance on and off the mat.

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