Potluck on Friday!

Potluck! Bring n share! Smorgasbord! Spread! Dish-to-pass! Whatever you like to call it, there is no denying the fact that a potluck is a good time. What’s not to love about sharing recipes, yummy food, good conversation, and community spirit? On Friday, May 25th, we will be hosting our very first potluck in the East Room, from 6:45-8:00p.m. Are ya free?! If so, please join us! Feel free to bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share.

I plan to write out the ingredients in my dish on a 3×5 index card, for those ‘specialty diet’ folks such as myself. Or maybe you wouldn’t dream of disclosing the ingredients in your Grannies famous lemon bundt cake!!! Thats cool, I can understand that too. Normally I let my cat Pickle assist me in the kitchen, but for the potluck, I promise to cook with humans only. So does this mean you’ll come?

Until next time—Meghan the CatLady

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