Written By: Sujantra

“We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see ourselves clearly.” –Zen saying

The end of the year and the shorter days create a nice backdrop for reflections on the past year and a vision for the future. Spend some time reflecting on this past year. What did you learn about yourself and life? Did you set goals for yourself? How did it go? Honor your achievements and learn from what did not go as expected.

Yoga brings a stillness to our being which is the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. Listening to our breath, feeling our body—these are the times when we can feel and think clearly; when we can step back and learn about ourselves and life.

Take time to honor your achievements and celebrate your victories. Reflect on what you can do differently next time if things did not go as you envisioned. This is a time of opportunity, one door closing and another opening.

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