Saturdays in Spring

This Saturday will mark our fourth walking club at the studio and let me say that the last three adventures have been monumental. Each Saturday morning has led us to new areas of Normal Heights that most of us have never walked before. Spring is unraveling bright aromatic flowers on every corner and the songs of birds fill the air — our senses are bursting with newness of Spring!!

Our crew has consisted of 5 -9 peppy Pilgrims each Saturday. I can already see friendships forming as we take in the fresh morning air and get to know the neighborhoods we live in. More than a few times a fellow Pilgrim has popped out of their door or window to say, “hello!” Affirming the feeling of oneness inside us all as we journey onward.

The first walk we took, we adventured down Hawley past the monastery (which I hope to get us a tour of one day) and onto a “not a through street” that overlooks a lush canyon. We took 10 minutes of our time here to either gaze at the greenery, work with our stride to increase our heart rate, or practice strengh building exercises such as walking lunges, squats or arm work.

Hope to see you Saturday for our next adventure!!
-Courtney Kimpo

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