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When I first started falling in love with yoga, I found myself sleeping better, feeling stronger, and keeping my cool in the face of challenge like never before. With such great benefits, I had a hard time not talking about this awesome practice to pretty much anyone who would listen. I couldn’t wait to spread the word and share the gifts of yoga with my family and friends.

While most weren’t ready to buy a mat and pop into tree pose, a few friends agreed to give yoga class a try. For some it stuck and others it didn’t, but I remember very clearly the joy I felt at having offered up my little slice of heaven.

Last week one of my long-time students brought four of her close girlfriends to class. They laid their mats one next to the other, giggled during class, and quietly helped one another when lost. It was an absolute joy to see and feel the warmth of friendship in class and made me fondly remember those moments when I shared yoga with loved ones.

While we certainly don’t want to push others to yoga, it’s a great feeling to share something you love. If you have a friend that is looking to get healthy, build community, or just get out of the house, bring him or her to yoga class! Your support and encouragement will undoubtedly make their experience and yours a whole lot sweeter. –Michelle Laxton

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