Stay Healthy and Happy this Holiday Season

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While an exciting time of the year, the holiday season also tends to be a very busy one. We sometimes attend several gatherings in a single day. Holiday shopping can be time-consuming and stressful. Each day seems to pass by at a rapid pace and it’s no wonder you might find yourself feeling exhausted every evening.

It’s easy during the holidays to shelve your yoga practice for a few weeks in order to make space for the new influx of commitments. However, a break in your practice during a period of stress can do more harm than good. Time on your mat is time for you. You can release the thoughts and energy that burden your mind, body, and heart, making space for the part of you that you want to share most this time of year: the joy, love, and kindness that reside within. Next time you find yourself making plans for the day and crossing yoga class off your “to do” list, take a moment to consider what will best serve you, your family, and your friends. –Michelle Laxton

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