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Meet Nick! A Student here at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga 🤗 ⁠

What inspires your yoga practice?⁠

I know it’s a very western adaption to this ancient art – but longevity! In all honesty, there are so many ways humanity chooses to stay in shape, but how many forms of exercise give us both strength, endurance, and flexibility, in a way that is low impact? Yoga really is an excellent way to maintain healthy bodies, this keeps me inspired!

What do you love most about yoga?⁠

In my opinion, it is this web of knowledge in which we never truly stop learning. We can dive deep into the Eastern ideology and try to apply it to our modern life. Yet there is such variety in meditation techniques, asana, teaching styles, and how classes tie these together that each class is unique. So we have to love and value the variety yoga offers.

What do you value and enjoy about our Live Stream and/or Outdoor yoga classes?⁠

Flexibility of where practice may be held, be it a park, a hike, or in our homes! It goes without saying that in-studio classes help us feel a sense of community, however Live Stream classes offer that without the health risks we are facing in 2020!

Are you a Pilgrimage student that would like to be featured?

Send an email to social@pilgrimageyoga.com and we’ll get in touch!

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