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As to my knowledge, no one has coined this particular sequence, so maybe you can help. What would you name my new flow? The best name wins a complimentary pass for you or a friend to our new Friday night AcroYoga (Montreal-style) class.

Join Us for AcroYoga
Friday Night @8PM in North Park

Never tried Acro before? Don’t worry, this isn’t the sort of thing you’ll be doing in your first class. This is an advanced sequence, generalized as a washing machine because it can keep cycling through, starting where it stops. There are many washing machines in the practice with creative names, so to get the creative juices going here’s another video from some of my favorite teachers, Seattle Acro and the YogaSlackers, that includes great washing machine names like “Handcuffed Harry, he was a groper” and “Sparkle Princess Pony.”

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