Written By: Sujantra McKeever

My nephew recently asked me what I had learned from all my years of meditation. I answered him in one word: synchronicity. Synchronicity is the connection, the link between our psychic self: the realm of our mind, emotions and unconsciousness, and the physical world around us.

We are taught that the world is separate from ourselves, that the physical world is inert and lifeless. Synchronicity shows us that we are very much a part of the world, a world that is vibrant and responsive to us. Our thoughts and emotions shape the world.

Through the practice of yoga and meditation we can learn to visualize ourselves and our surroundings as we wish them to be. Through our repeated inner concentration and heart felt intentions the things and situations we visualize will come into being in the physical world. Our thoughts and emotions shape reality.

Yoga teaches that the purpose of life is the evolution of consciousness. Each one of us is on a journey of learning, of growth and transformation. The world is the setting in which our growing takes place. The world is alive and responsive.

Observe yourself and your heart-felt longings, intensify these feelings, spend time visualizing and you will soon see life responding.

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