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What brought you to yoga?
During my teen years, the Beatles were introduced to the Maharishi, the novel Siddhartha and Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet were popular reading and yoga still felt a bit foreign and mysterious. Having been curious about all things unseen since my early childhood, I was entranced by it all. Years later, at the age of 40, I treated myself to a week at the health spa Rancho la Puerta and took my first yoga class. Upon returning home, I joined Master Yoga in La Jolla and began my practice of hatha yoga and was a certified teacher within a few years. The spiritual side of yoga was strongly emphasized at that studio and it was just what I had been looking for. My marathon swimming paralleled my deepening yoga practice, which became the cornerstone of my training for my channel swims. I asked my teacher, “Will yoga make me a better swimmer?” “Yes, but you will change,” was her reply. Indeed, I have changed. Diving deep into the ocean of consciousness is my ‘swimming’ now. And yes, I am a better swimmer.

What do you enjoy doing outside of yoga?
Long-distance open water swimming was my hobby for quite a few years. I ended up swimming the English Channel four times, including a rare non-stop two-way swim from England to France and back to England. Now, I enjoy spending time relaxing at the beach, my favorite places being Windan’sea where I live and the California coast from Big Sur north past the Bay area, where the redwoods meet the ocean – Heaven on Earth for me.

Favorite food?
Biscuits & Gravy… favorite comfort food after a chilly ocean swim

Favorite restorative pose?
‘I’m just here for the savasana’ would apply to me.

Pets or kids?
No kids of my own, but have coached many teenaged swimmers and taught them yoga on the pool deck for their ‘dryland training’. After a day at school and a tough swim workout, savasana was definitely their favorite pose. I’m currently in-between animal buddies and looking forward to being ‘found’ by my next feline or canine best friend… or friends!

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