The Green Goddess' Desire

Walking into my morning den with a sense of purpose and knowing desire sure to be fulfilled, I, the modern day caffeine addict enters the womb of the green goddess. Uttering a medley coded words, I create the beverage of my desire, to be magically manifested by the speedy, well trained barista. The enthusiastic cadence of  voices surrounding me reveals a morning crowd assured of fulfilling their bodily longings.

In this stylized, post-modern opium den all are equal. Doctor, lawyer, painter and priest: all of us stand at the altar of the liquid. Momentarily satisfied in the knowledge that soon the green mermaid will pour her brew liquid into our veins and brains.

How does this relate to yoga? Yoga teaches us to observe the movement of our thoughts and desires: both physical and mental. In the ability to observe ourselves we stand a chance to become the observer…to become the self: that element of ourselves which transcends our fleeting longings and desires. Find that in your yoga and you will find the flow of joy which is self-effulgent: a joy which depends on nothing other than its own existence for satisfaction.

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