The Niyamas – Ishvarapranidhana by Lena Schmidt

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The fifth of the Niyamas is Isvarapranidhana. Isvarapranidhana is surrender, devotion or a celebration of the spiritual. We can practice Isvarapranidhana in yoga by:

*singing or playing devotional music (this is called Kirtan)
*listening to joyful music
*creating an altar that makes you happy
*appreciating your space

We can practice Isvarapranidhana in life by:
*surrendering to what “is”
*create an altar in your home (this can include anything you’d like! Some ideas: flowers, candles, statues, photos of loved ones, food and sweets as offerings, incense)

Practice tips: What are you devoted to? What do you believe in that is bigger than you in this physical body? This may be Spirit, Source, God, Nature, a guru, or a cause you believe in with all of your heart. Become aware of yourself as part of the universe and not just a part of your small corner of the world. When our sense of spirituality and connection to the universe is balanced, we have a strong sense of peace and open-mindedness.

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