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The second limb of the eight-fold path is the Niyamas, or attitudes and behaviors towards ourselves. The Niyamas are basically the moral “do’s.” The 5 Niyamas are Sauca, Santosha, Tapas, Svadyaya, and Isvarapranidhana.

The third of the Niyamas is Tapas. Tapas is self-discipline and physically heating the body. We can practice Tapas in yoga by:

*demonstrating discipline in your practice by showing up on your mat (sometimes making it to the mat is the hardest part!)

*practicing Ujjayi breath to heat the body from within

*warming or heating the yoga room

*not being lazy in your execution of the asanas

We can practice Tapas in life by:

*showing up for responsibilities with enthusiasm

*practicing discipline in a specific area of your life

Practice tips: What is an area of your life for which you’d like to cultivate more discipline? Choose one to start and create a routine. Set a bedtime if you want to get more sleep. Buy more veggies at the market if you’d like to train yourself to make healthy food choices. Set a timer for 20 minutes to make meditation a habit. Put the journal and pen on your bedside table to make journaling a regular part of your day. Show up for yourself: those brilliant ideas that seem to appear from “nowhere” actually come from the “somewhere” of having put in the practice to learn skills, trained the mind and body, and made the space for them.



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