The Power of Truth

In the ancient yogic texts it is written: “Truth alone triumphs.” We are taught as children to tell the truth and never to lie. Being truthful aligns with our sense of what is right and proper and resonates with our conscience.

When we lie we never feel quite right about it. When we speak the truth we feel aligned with a depth deep in our hearts.

Unfortunately our culture has become mired in dishonest behavior and out and out lying; false statements are often the norm and one begins to wonder who can be trusted.

Yoga teaches the significance of each and every life and that we are all interconnected. Each individual who can stay rooted in truth becomes the hub around which others can orbit and gain strength. The power and strength of humanity lies in our collective consciousness.

On a white sheet of paper a single spot of ink stand out and gains prominence, and yet the reality is that the whiteness prevails and is the foundation. So too with truth. Those who lie stand out and seem to prevail and yet it is the foundation of humanity’s goodness which upholds all.

Staying rooted in truth as you move through your day will spread what Mahatma Gandhi called satyagraha, truth force. Eventually the power of truth will prevail and we can each be part of this transformation by our every thought, word and deed.

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