The Ramayana

I am in the middle of reading the Ramayana, the tale of Rama: one of the great figures in Indian lore. I am reading the version by William Buck…here is my retelling of one of the early moments of intrigue:

In heaven high above Indra turned and hissed like an angry snake, his fine robes were burnt and torn his face and chest covered with dried blood. He heard Vashishtas incantations and it made him angrier still. Indra looked around heaven and it was in hopeless ruin. The heavenly garden was uprooted. Heavens long golden street was lettered with slain Gandharavas and Apsarasas and the corpses of Demons. The heavenly stream of Ganga ran red with blood. The Battle of Heaven had just been fought. Indra and Heaven had fought hard and lost to the Demon King Ravana.

Indras eyes filled with tears. He reached down and grabed a large stone and flew with it up to
Brahma’s high heaven beyond change. Indra threw the stone through the most beautiful window of Brahma’s Palace. The guards ran to arrest the perpetrator but when they saw it was Indra they bowed down and lead him to Brahma.


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