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The famous writer Albert Camus said something most notable (recently relayed to me by a friend and fellow yogi:) “… people expend tremendous energy just trying to appear normal.”

How true that is. Society defines what is “normal” and then most of us set out to conform to those norms. I remember walking the halls in high school and the strong sense of self consciousness that I had. So much was about what other people thought about me and what I was doing, wearing etc: pier pressure. It was during that time that I learned an important antidote to this great concern for how we appear to others (which is the root of the fear of public speaking.) The secret for me was learning to laugh at myself.

One day I realized that I was taking myself way to seriously. I did something that was not “normal” and was slightly ridiculed for it. Out of nowhere I just started to laught at the situaltion and what I had done. That proved to be a turning point in my life.

If you can learn to laugh at yourself then you can learn to shake off “failures and defeats” and take them instead as great learning experiences. Don’t take yourself to seriously…it feel good!

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