3 Tips for How To Heal After Trauma.

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An estimated 70% of adults have gone through at least one traumatic event in their lives. A death in the family, a divorce, abusive relationships, accidents, or a change in living situation can all bring about depression and sadness, and many people find it hard to cope and move on.

And yet, there are several ways we can cope with these changes, and even turn them into something positive. Here are three ways a major life transition can be turned into something good.


Make Physical Health a Priority

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, even our most basic human instincts are muted. It’s not unlikely to find ourselves disinterested in food, sleep, movement, or companionship. However, developing sustainable routines for eating, sleeping and moving is a key factor in maintaining health and releasing the residue of trauma.

It’s important to take care of yourself during this time and make sure you get enough rest, enough to eat, and enough daily exercise. It can be difficult to find the energy to do these things, and many people feel they don’t have an appetite when they’re going through a major loss. If this is the case, start by keeping small, healthy snacks in the fridge, rather than worrying about making a big meal. Fruit, nuts, and dark leafy greens are a great start, as they’ll boost your energy and help you feel better. Scheduling these tasks is the key to ensure positive routines are created and kept up.

When it comes to sleeping and getting enough rest, consider your home environment, which has a major impact on the way we think, feel and act. If your home is cluttered, filled with unhealthy or painful memories, or lacks a place to safely retreat to meditate or relax, it may be worthwhile to make adjustments. Fortunately, this is easier than it may sound. Learn more about how to create a home environment optimal for health here.

And even if we lack motivation, it’s important to move to move our bodies everyday. Movement can reset the nervous system, help optimize organ function and stimulate psychological shifting. Consider calm wholistic practices like yoga, swimming or tai chi; or more rigorous passion practices like tennis or running.


Make a Connection with Others

One of the best things a person can do after a trauma is to use their experience to help others. If you’ve dealt with the loss of a loved one to cancer, or are a newly singled parent going through a divorce, you have invaluable wisdom and insight that can help others move through a similar time in their lives.

Consider starting a blog to write about your experiences, or get involved in a charity that’s related to something you’ve been through personally. It can be difficult to face the thoughts and feelings that arise on the topic of our trauma, but sometimes that’s exactly what is needed to get through to the other side.


Take some time for yourself

It’s important to take some time for yourself, if possible, by actually physically getting away. By completely changing routines and environments, new perspectives have space to arise. Purposefully delegate your normal daily responsibilities to those willing to help out around you, and purposefully give yourself nothing to do in a new environment.

Taking a big change and making it work for you can be extremely empowering and can help you feel more in control of your life, which is exactly what you need after going through a difficult time.

A traumatic event can stop us in our tracks and alienate us from feeling connected to all living things. These methods are tried and true to ensure that we’re releasing the residue of our traumas, and enjoying life again. It’s time to get back on that horse!


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