Sacred Breath & Mystic Rhythms

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with Misty Tomasino and Greg Moran

Date: Friday, October 28, 2022      Time: 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Location: Normal Heights - East Room

Sacred Breath & Mystic Rhythms is a beautiful container of alchemical magic utilizing the properties of Breath and Sound. This ceremonial experience will entail a powerful conscious-connected Breathwork Journey (approximately 1 hour of active breathing followed by approximately 30 minutes of integration/savasana) where you will have the opportunity to heal and clear past wounds and reconnect with your Heart, allowing you to access greater levels of authenticity and embodiment in your life.

Mystic Rhythms will be providing live percussion and instrumentations throughout the journey followed by a Sound Healing, allowing you to align and attune as you integrate the experience. This will be a powerful ceremony that will allow you to access the innate wisdom living inside of you in every moment, just a breath away.


To register, please pay Misty via PayPal (send as friends & family) @MistyTomasino.

Facilitator bios:

Greg Moran is a Breathwork Facilitator, Life Coach, Energy Healer, Nature Connection Guide, and Embodiment Mentor. Greg’s approach to healing is centered around nervous system regulation and embodied connection, where the body’s innate wisdom can be accessed and received, leading to profound healing and growth in one’s physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual experience of life. He facilitates Breathwork and embodiment practices at retreats, workshops, and events around the world.

Greg also works one-on-one with clients through his Breathwork and Life Coaching containers, allowing clients to connect deeper with their intuition, clear psycho-emotional blockages, and support them in living their most expansive life. He is the founder of True Health Awakening and is deeply passionate about holistic health, authentic connection to Self, Community, and Mother Nature, and guiding and empowering others in living their most authentic life.

IG: @truehealthawakening

Misty Tomasino (aka “Mystic Rhythms”) is a multi-instrumentalist who shares her musical talent as an offering to the Divine, to the Earth, to the Human Heart, and Beyond. Misty’s intention is to create space for deep healing, peace, calm, and ecstatic joy. Music is her Soul’s expression, she sees it as medicine and finds so much fulfillment in sharing her gifts. She combines many of her musical influences into one authentic expression – creating a mystical and heart-connecting experience. Misty offers music at festivals, retreats, yoga studios, private events, and 1-on-1 hand percussion lessons for beginners.


For more information, contact Greg Moran at or Misty Tomasino at