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What first brought you to yoga? I was introduced to Yoga some years ago at my gym. They offered several Yoga classes for members. Hatha-Flow and Kundalini. I enjoyed both classes and respected the Yogis who taught them. I craved more Yoga even then.

What do you love most about yoga?
Yoga, for me, represents , Mind, Body and Soul. Its refreshing to work on all three areas at once, rather than as separate practices.

What is your favorite pose and why? Warrior Two is my favorite pose because it represents strength and focus. I “do” feel like a warrior in this pose.

What do you do to stay inspired or motivated in your own practice? I tried “Pilgrimage Yoga Studios” for two weeks to see how I would respond to incorporating Yoga as a daily practice. After the first session I knew I was where I needed to be. Now, being part of a Yoga community motivates me. I find myself craving the “breath” that comes with each practice. I leave each class refreshed and with a clear mind and physically relaxed. Im very excited to be a part of Pilgrimage.

Feel free to share anything else if you like. Kind of heavy, but, When I was 23 years old, the doctors gave me 3 years to live…I turn 51 years old this year! I have endured 30 Years of living with a life threatening disease. Exercise, a sense of community, feeling my own breath, have helped keep me feel connected and alive all these years. Yoga is the next indicated step in this lifelong process. I trust this little bio will introduce me to many of you!

Namaste, Dominic

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