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Patti ScollayWhat first brought you to yoga?
I have done yoga off and on for years. This time I was lucky enough to have a daughter who found Pilgrimage of the Heart in her search for a yoga studio. As a family, she and I have associated yoga with healing. After hearing me complain about getting old, she gifted me with a yoga mat and a two-week membership. Lucky me!

What do you love most about yoga?
I love everything about it. But that lovely peaceful feeling that comes after practice, where my whole body and mind have been stretched and soothed feels so luxurious. I also love that I am walking comfortably for the first time in several years.

What is your favorite pose and why?
I love anything with a twist. These are movements that I rarely do in everyday life and they make everything feel like it has been massaged and pampered.

What do you do to stay inspired or motivated in your own practice?
It helps that the staff at both of the Pilgrimage of the Heart branches are always welcoming and friendly. I have three classes on my calendar so that I will get there at least twice a week. Often I feel so good after class that I try to fit in an extra class the next day.

Feel free to share anything else if you like.
I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have a daughter who has encouraged my yoga practice, both by example and by talking about it. My body has been well used and sometimes abused over the years and yoga is helping me recover from some of that. At the same time yoga has helped me accept the limitations that come with the advancing years.

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