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Tony photo1. What first brought you to yoga? My experience with martial arts brought me a long way towards yoga, then my wife Cookie and roommate Ryan Schmidt took me to class in the Cayman Islands and thus it began.

2. What do you love most about yoga? At first it was that purging feeling, then it turned to a kind of forgiving feeling (that was hard) and now it’s a feeling of moving forward with much less resistance. Very pleasant even when it’s difficult.

3. What is your favorite pose and why? At first it was savasana for obvious reasons, then oddly enough it was childs pose …but I am a dancer..soooo its dancer pose… but, actually its warrior one. There is no “why”….love or love not.

4. What do you do to stay inspired or motivated in your own practice? Nowadays the simple Zen philosophy of do or do not is enough to compel me to happily do. The less complicated your reason, the easier to maintain.

5. Feel free to share anything else if you like: One of the most delightful aspects of attending classes is the genuine warmth and friendliness that fills up all the spaces with positive luscious vibes that make me think that this is how it’s supposed to be…course correction…every ship has to do it.

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