Yoga, Coffee and My Subtle Nerves

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Yoga philosophy teaches that the connection between our mind, emotions and our physical nervous system, is our subtle nerves. Like our physical nervous system, our subtle nerves can become agitated and damaged. Food; our multifarious screens and their content; our physical environment; and the company we keep affect our subtle nerves.

Thank you Pixabay for the great pic.

Thank you Pixabay for the great pic.

Yoga strengthens and enlivens our subtle nerves through the sense of community, the postures and our regulated breathing. The yogic science of health—Ayurveda—says that too much caffeine is not good for the subtle nerves. In March of this year I went cold turkey on my 5-cups-of-caffeine-a-day lifestyle and have noticed a huge difference in my mind and body.

I told my tale in a recent (overly dramatized!) article for Huffington post (the link is below.) I describe my addiction and the journey of getting that monkey off my back!





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