Your Sangha Awaits

Teacher training programs are all about deepening your understanding of yoga while learning to teach it to others, and it is for these reasons that most people undertake them. Many, many studios offer teacher trainings, so what is it that makes Pilgrimage of the Heart’s training different? If I had to distill it down to one word, it would be Community. In Sanskrit, we call this group a sangha.

When you enroll in our teacher training, you become part of the Pilgrimage sangha, but you also become part of a special community of like-minded individuals who come together with both a common love for yoga and the goal of learning more about it. The community is often one of the most lasting and treasured things we create in each cycle of training, and many of our graduates develop friendships that last long after the training ends. It is in the spirit of the sangha that Pilgrimage of the Heart is based, and for the teacher training program, that means we value your relationship with us before and after you receive your certificate.

During your time in training, you receive a range of benefits that are intended to help you through the program.

  • All your training materials are included in your tuition, so you will get a mini yoga library upon enrollment.
  • You receive a discount on props and unlimited access to Pilgrimage Yoga On-Demand, helping you to develop your home practice with greater ease.
  • Once training begins, you become a Pilgrimage Unlimited Member which gives you the benefits of guest passes, free monthly workshops, and discounts for many of our events.
  • Membership in the community also extends to our local wellness clinic, so you will receive 10% off services at the Community Wellness Collaborative just down the street.

Unlimited practice and materials are not that uncommon as part of teacher training, but when the program ends, often your relationship with the studio ends as well. At Pilgrimage, we hope to continue our relationship and offer support in your ongoing journey with yoga, so we keep on giving to keep your connection to this community strong.

After you have successfully completed your training,

  • Join the Pilgrimage Unlimited Membership at a discounted rate of $40/month for 6 months.
  • Teach in the Pilgrimage sponsored Community Class to gain some teaching experience in a studio-supported environment.
  • Receive information about employment opportunities that are suitable for beginning teachers.
  • Get discounts on Continuing Education programs offered by our qualified teachers. You can maintain your Yoga Alliance designation with these programs, and they are a great way to learn more about select topics in yoga like Yin, Pre-natal, and Meditation.

Are you looking for your people? Are you ready for adventure? Are you ready to grow?

If you are, the Pilgrimage program is for you! Contact us to find out how to enroll in this dynamic training and become part of our community. The last day to register for our Spring 2022 program is April 27, 2022.

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