Zen Bathroom Design Tips: Add a Little More Tranquility to Your Life.

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Who can say that they don’t need a bit more peace and tranquility in their life? We live in a hectic world and lead rather hectic lives, and we usually manage to relax and enjoy some peace in the comfort of our homes. We often see bathrooms as small sanctuaries and like to relax there, but if the space is cluttered, it’s very difficult to do so. This is why we’re offering you easy tips to turn your bathroom into a Zen-inspired sanctuary.

New colors

One of the best ways to feel peace is to turn to nature and find inspiration there, so we advise you use natural color schemes. The best choices are the colors that allow you to recreate the feeling of open spaces: green, sand, black, taupe and grey are among the most popular hues. They are very neutral and allow you to add a touch of unexpected, such as bright orange or ruby red. The key is to add these hues in small doses: towels, soap dispensers and cabinet handles. Earth tones will invoke peace and allow you to relax, but a bit of your favorite bright shade will make the space more inviting and familiar.

Light up

Light is very important in the bathroom – it allows you to see better when you’re applying makeup or fixing your hair, but it can also help you relax. Plenty of natural light is always a good idea. Skylights and windows are more than welcome, but you will also want to protect your privacy and have shades and curtains there too. Dimming lights are also great because they allow you to keep regular lights and dim them when you want to take a long, relaxing bubble bath. Having some candles close by is also nice, as these add a romantic touch. 

Spa luxury









The key ‘ingredient’ to creating the Zen-like atmosphere in a bathroom is to be able to create a sense of luxury and serenity. A proper Zen bathroom will make you want to linger there a bit longer, just like you do in a spa. We might not all be able to afford a Jacuzzi, but marvelous stone bathtubs will give you a similar feeling and won’t cost a fortune. Baths are better for relaxation because you can enjoy long, luxurious soaks, and you can light a scented candle and add a few drops of essential oils or Dead Sea bathing salts.


The smell of peace

There’s no point in doing a bathroom remodel-makeover if it smells unpleasant – you will not want to spend a minute there longer than it’s absolutely necessary. Aromatherapy will help you complete your bathroom transformation into a Zen sanctuary. You should try using some of the known invigorating scents, such as lemon, mint and eucalyptus, or something soothing and relaxing such as lavender, sandalwood, or perhaps thyme. Jasmine and rose water will make you feel like you’re in an exotic garden. Candles are the simplest solution, but you could also choose potpourri or a small oil diffuser.

Embrace minimalism


It’s easy to notice that minimalism and Zen somehow come hand in hand – stress is often caused (or amplified) by clutter, and by embracing minimalism you’re opening up the space and ‘inviting peace’ in. Your toiletries can be kept away in a cabinet and neatly organized so you can always easily find what you’re looking for, and all those old toothbrushes, empty shampoo bottles, and used expired makeup products should be thrown away. Make it a rule to keep your phone and laptop out of the bathroom too – you might think that you can reply to that email while you’re in there, but we’re sure it can wait for a few more minutes.

People hesitate to do a bathroom remodel because they fear it’s going to cost too much and take a lot of their time. When you make a good plan and organize your time, however, you will discover that you can easily create a Zen bathroom without a huge investment of time and money. A spacious, clean and neat space will feel like a real sanctuary where you will be able to find inner peace with ease.


CHLOE TAYLOR is an art historian and recreational ballet dancer. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She also enjoys learning and writing about home design, since she is crazy about aesthetics. She is a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator

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