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Affordable Business Consulting

Our team of experts has built a 2-studio operation here in San Diego, which includes an online studio. We serve over 1000 customers a week and can help you in all phases of the yoga business. Whether you are starting a brand new studio or are looking to refine your current operation we can be of service. Our rates are very reasonable and it all begins with a free 30-minute phone consultation. Contact us today! phone: 619.727.4930 or email: [email protected]
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HAPPY STUDENTS are essential for a THRIVING yoga business!


We offer business consulting on all aspects of the yoga business

        • Business Planning
        • Understanding the Yoga Industry
        • Studio Set-Up
        • Human Resources
        • Sales & Marketing

Free 30 minute phone consultation!

Contact us today! Phone:619.727.4930 or Email: [email protected]

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Reach YOUR Goals!

We can help you

        • Create a CLEAR VISION
        • Develop Measurable GOALS
        • Develop a Business Plan
        • Develop your Leadership & Management Training procedures
        • Show you how to CREATE GOOD BUSINESS HABITS


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What DRIVES Business?

Gain Insight on the "Nuts & Bolts" of the Industry

            • Learn about current INDUSTRY TRENDS
            • Gain a better understanding of how a SUCCESSFUL financial model operates
            • Learn Budget Basics
            • Set up membership levels and rates that will support your business
            • Learn Business Operations Analysis to keep your studio growing



Create the BEST Environment for your students

Set a Strong Foundation

                • Don't waste money! Learn what Facilities and Equipment are needed to successfully run your studio.
                • We can help you with the Design and Construction of your new studio.
                • Develop & Simplify Studio and Office Procedures
                • Learn how to create a Yogic Environment
                • Gain insight on choosing a Studio Space/Designing/Renovating
                • Current Studio Improvements
                • Negotiating your Lease



Take care of your staff and they will take care of your students

SUPPORT your staff, SUPPORT your business

                    • Learn everything you need to know about the "FACE" of your business with an in-depth look into best practices for staffing your studio.
                    • Find out what's best for your business, Independent Contractors versus Employees
                    • Benefits
                    • Health Care
                    • Staff Management and Training
                    • Learn how to build a strong team by filling your tool box with Team Building exercises



Make your BRAND Stand Out!

Brand Creation and Development

                        • Cultivate a strong following
                        • Increase your Membership Retention
                        • Make Social Media work for you!
                        • Get creative with your marketing tactics through your website, newsletters, advertising and PR
                        • Use retail to add value to your membership
                        • Refine your studio's programing by developing a weekly class schedule and workshops that speak to your students' needs
                        • Create a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program