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Koundinyasana The Middle Way Koundinya was a royal court scholar and predicted the newborn prince, Siddhartha Gautama, would leave his father’s kingdom and become the Enlightened One, the Buddha. Although his prophecy was not welcomed by the king at the time, Koundinya vowed to become one of the Buddha’s most dedicated disciples and share these

The Sages of Yoga: Bharadvjasana and finding the source of your joy by Jamie Martin

**As you begin the New Year, join Jamie on Thursdays in Flowing Yoga II at 8:00a in Normal Heights and hear stories of yogic sages. She will use them as inspiration and guidance on our own yogic path.** Bharadvajasana Finding the source of your joy Bharadvaja was a dedicated student of the Vedas, the most […]

Yoga Story: Jen

What first brought you to yoga? I have a chronic condition that impacts my energy and I spent years trying to find a form of exercise that did not make me feel worse. People kept saying things like, “Exercise makes me feel energetic,” which made no sense to me. I kept trying various things hoping […]

From the Founder: A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start Enthusiasm and Eagerness Can definitely create New opportunities. –Sri Chinmoy The New Year (welcome to 2015!) offers us the opportunity to make changes and new resolutions in our lives. We can choose to explore, expand and manifest our untapped abilities, and let go of any habits that are not serving our health […]

From the Founder: Dare to Succeed

Dare to Succeed “If you dare to fail you are bound to succeed.” –Sri Chinmoy Life offers us a myriad of opportunities—places to go, people to meet and capacities to develop. Oftentimes the only thing standing in the way of these wonderful experiences is ourselves, and very specifically our fear of failure. Our society worships […]

The Benefits of Conscious Breathing by Kim Scullion

The Benefits of Conscious Breathing by Kim Scullion Conscious Breathing Versus Normal Breathing At the beginning of yoga class you may hear your instructor direct you to, “Connect with the breath,” or “Cultivate ujjayi breath,” or “Begin diaphragmatic breathing.” He or she is instructing the class to breathe consciously. Our bodies brea

Yoga Story – Cassandra

What first brought you to yoga? After practicing sporadically since 2008, I found myself at Pilgrimage at the beginning of 2012. Thinking about it, honestly- I was called there. Many synchronistic occurrences took place, signs that kept presenting themselves, the universe gently but firmly guiding me to the studio. I was looking for something that

From the Founder

Existentialism and Yoga “Each human being is, indeed, part of something mysterious” –Sri Chinmoy Existential philosophy and yoga teachings share some commonalities. In existentialism there is a concept called: “your historical moment.” Your physical body, your circumstances, your thoughts and your choices make up a completely unique m

From the Founder: Eagerness

Eagerness “Eagerness shows us that Everything is achievable.” –Sri Chinmoy We all have hopes and dreams. Through the power of mind and thought we are able to project ourselves forward and visualize our future and our goals: the things in life we wish to experience, become and achieve. How many of us reach our goals […]

Our Relationship with Harmony and Balance by Lena Schmidt

Harmony and Balance occur when we equalize the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether/Space within us. When all the elements are balanced and harmonious, we flow easily with the rhythms of life, move through challenges with grace and ease, and help others do the same. Connect with Harmony and Balance: On your mat: • […]