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Seventh Limb of 8-Fold Path – Dhyana by Lena Schmidt

The seventh limb of the eight-fold path is the Dhyana. Dhyana is meditation. We can practice Dhyana in yoga by: * Practicing hip openers and other asanas that prepare the body for sitting * Focusing on the breath to tune out distractions * Setting an intention of relaxation and healing * Meditating before and/or after […]

Yoga Story of the Month with Dominic D.

What first brought you to yoga? I was introduced to Yoga some years ago at my gym. They offered several Yoga classes for members. Hatha-Flow and Kundalini. I enjoyed both classes and respected the Yogis who taught them. I craved more Yoga even then. What do you love most about yoga? Yoga, for me, represents […]

From the Founder

Positivity “Always take the mind’s positive thought-road.” * –Sri Chinmoy Our minds are a wondrous power that give rise to our lives. There are many dimensions and aspects of mind, but the one that we have the most direct control over is our thoughts. We can form an endless array of thoughts and these thoughts […]

Sixth Limb of 8-Fold Path – Dharana by Lena Schmidt

The sixth limb of the eight-fold path is the Dharana. Dharana is concentration or single pointed focus. We can practice Dharana in yoga by: * Setting an intention for yoga practice each time you step on the mat * Practicing mantra throughout class (choose an affirmation or short phrase to repeat over and over in […]

Fifth Limb of 8-Fold Path -Pratyahara by Lena Schmidt

The fifth limb of the eight-fold path is the Pratyahara. Pratyahara is the withdrawal of the senses. We can practice Pratyahara in yoga by: * Becoming aware of how the senses inhibit, enhance, or have no bearing on the yoga practice * Becoming curious about your sense experiences throughout practice and releasing attachments so as […]

Fourth Limb of 8-fold Path – Pranayama by Lena Schmidt

The fourth limb of the eight-fold path is the Pranayama. Pranayama means breath practice or control of the life force. We can practice Pranayama in yoga by: * Paying attention to your inhales and exhales throughout the class * Notice if/when you tend to hold your breath (a challenging asana is usually made easier by […]

Third Limb of 8-Fold Path – Asana by Lena Schmidt

The yogic journey, as defined by Patanjali (the ancient sage said to have authored the Yoga Sutras, a foundational text of yoga) is an eight-fold path. The eight limbs act as guidelines for how to live a healthy and meaningful life, tuned into ones own purpose and spiritual nature. The eight limbs are yama, niyama, […]

The Niyamas – Ishvarapranidhana by Lena Schmidt

The fifth of the Niyamas is Isvarapranidhana. Isvarapranidhana is surrender, devotion or a celebration of the spiritual. We can practice Isvarapranidhana in yoga by: *singing or playing devotional music (this is called Kirtan) *listening to joyful music *creating an altar that makes you happy *appreciating your space We can practice Isvarapranidhan

Yoga Story of the Month with Kim Scullion

You may recognize Kim, she’s one of our lovely front-desk employees. Today, she shares her story – how she came to yoga and lessons learned along the way. What first brought you to yoga? In 2001 a friend in Chicago invited me to a heated yoga class. Never one for sports, I liked that I […]

From the Founder

The Mysterious Each human being Is, indeed, Part of something mysterious. *         –Sri Chinmoy Yoga gives us the practical tools to delve into the mystery of our existence. We know ourselves on the surface, yet that is only a sliver of our existence. We carry with us all that Nature has done to bring forth […]