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The Chakras: Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Chakras, or wheels of energy, correspond to areas in the body. If an area of our lives is out of balance, it can manifest as an imbalance in that chakra and lead to pain, discomfort, or a feeling of uneasiness. And vice versa! There are seven main chakras. Over the next few weeks I’ll be […]

Yoga Story: Megan Allen

What first brought you to yoga? What first brought me to yoga was curiosity. It seemed to me that the individuals I know that practiced yoga brought qualities on ways of being to life that I desired for myself, like health, ease and peace, happiness and connection. They were loving, positive, supportive and nurturing, and […]

From the Founder: January 2014

Love If you want constant happiness Then every day Enlarge the circle of your love. —Sri Chinmoy* We all long for abiding happiness, yet amidst the trials and tribulations of daily living we often fall short of our happiness-goal. In the time of Socrates people believed that happiness was reserved only for those the gods […]

What is Meditation? by Martin Stamper

What is meditation? I think a lot of people ask this question, and the concept of meditation is a huge mystery in my opinion. I have meditated and read books on the subject, but it still seems to be somewhat elusive to define. However, I am going to take a leap and define meditation as […]

Yoga Story: Hajar

December Yoga Story: Hajar! 1. What first brought you to yoga? I’ve been a yoga student on and off for about 20 years but never immersed myself in the practice. I love the practice but would drop into classes every once in a while to learn the positions. I have a hand out with the […]

From the Founder: December

Opportunities Each divine thought Is, indeed, a pilgrimage To a new world. –Sri Chinmoy Each thought is a world unto itself. It covers the lens of our mind’s eye and affects our sense of the world and ourselves. We react to situations and circumstances in the form of our thoughts and emotions. Many people feel […]

Teacher Spotlight: Anne Cleveland

What brought you to yoga? During my teen years, the Beatles were introduced to the Maharishi, the novel Siddhartha and Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet were popular reading and yoga still felt a bit foreign and mysterious. Having been curious about all things unseen since my early childhood, I was entranced by it all. Years later, […]

From the Founder: November

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” –Aesop We are all interconnected. Each one of us is part of humanity’s collective heartbeat. The transformation of the individual resonates through out the entire creation. Yoga is an opportunity to know what is true in our hearts, to be thoughtful and kind. Yoga is an opportunity to […]

Yoga Story: Nunzia Gutierrez

1. What first brought you to yoga? Since I was 5 years old, I danced ballet until I was 17. Yoga had always interested me because it had a “dancey” look at the time. I had heard from others that it’s a great form of exercise. I began attending classes when I was about 18 […]

From the Founder: October 2013

“The shortest answer is doing.” –George Herbert We have so many questions in our lives. The deepest questions often revolve around the purpose of our lives and the nature of our deepest Self. Our lives are in many respects the search for answers. We all seek abiding happiness and satisfaction. Yet, how can we find […]