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From the Founder: From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love In June of this year I did a meditation lecture tour in Scandinavia and Russia. I did a program called Let’s Meditate in Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Finland; and St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. I had been to Scandinavia before but this was my first visit to Russia. I must admit I […]

June Yoga Story: Joe

From the Founder: Yoga Works!

Yoga Works! In our Living Yoga: Find Your Passion (Dharma) program we watched a TED talk where Simon Sinek explained his idea, based on his 15 years of research, that the key to success, both personal and professional, is the ability to know and express your fundamental beliefs. “Not what you do, or how you […]

May Yoga Story: Megan

From the Founder: Dharma – That Which Upholds

Dharma: That Which Upholds It takes great care and concern to create something. It also takes tremendous energy to maintain and sustain our creations. It is easy to destroy. We embrace our highest potential when we seek to create and sustain. Dharma Defined The concept of dharma is central to Eastern philosophy. It is the […]

From the Founder: The Positivity Road

The Positivity Road Always take The mind’s Positive thought-road. –Sri Chinmoy Each thought is a road, a journey, that becomes a reality. Through the power of thought we create the fabric, the texture, the mood of our lives. Positive thoughts inspire and uplift us to embrace the challenges of life. Negative thoughts drain our life […]

Yoga Story: Nathan

What first brought you to yoga? I had made a personal commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. I had recently quit drinking and was pleasantly shocked–and also a bit saddened–to realize how much extra money that move was saving me every month. One month of yoga membership was going to cost me about the same […]

From the Founder: Opportunity

Opportunity Life is, indeed, An opportunity-train Do not miss it. –Sri Chinmoy * Looked at one way, each day is full of problems, difficulties and conflicts. Days roll into weeks and weeks into months and life can begin to feel heavy and full of worries. If I go deeper, if each day I spend time, […]

Yoga Story: Patricia

What first brought you to yoga? I started DOING yoga when I was in high school. One of the girls on my swim team was into bikram yoga and she mentioned how great it felt, so I tried it! I really enjoyed bikram yoga because it helped to stretch out my muscles. I know I […]


Vishvamitrasana Perseverance Before becoming a great yogic sage, Vishvamitra was a powerful ruler. Legends say that on one of his military journeys, King Vishvamitra reached the hermitage of the great sage Vasistha. Vasistha opened his arms to Vishvamitra and his army, providing them with food and shelter. Vishvamitra was impressed by the amount of