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Written By: Sujantra “We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see ourselves clearly.” --Zen saying

Thanksgiving and Community

The holidays are a time of coming together, which starts with two coming together...

Yoga, Coffee and My Subtle Nerves

Yoga philosophy teaches that the connection between our mind, emotions and our physical nervous system...

Experience the Sublime

To experience the sublime is to feel the hidden essence of life...

Our Hidden Dimensions

There is much more to each one of us than meets the eye. In fact, the surface of our physical bodies...

Yoga For Change

Yoga For Change   “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.” –Lao Tzu   My yoga practice is a place I turn to when there is change occurring in my life. My breath, steady movement and a peaceful environment give me a place from which to allow change to occur. Changes in life […]

Stepping Out of Our Unproductive Patterns with Meditation

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”—Albert Einstein This quote from Albert Einstein sums up the practice of meditation. We often get trapped on a merry-go-round of emotional or mental patterns. How do we use our mind and awareness to lift us out of our patterns? It’s […]


Mindfulness, a form of meditation that stems from Buddhist teachings...

From the Founder: New Year, New You

“The New Year has all newness: new promise, new success, new progress.” –Sri Chinmoy Life is constant change. Yoga teaches us that we can direct the changes that occur through our conscious effort. Each time we practice yoga we have an opportunity to focus on our heartfelt intentions and visualize our lives moving in a […]

From the Founder: Peace

Peace in heaven, Peace on earth, Peace in every human life —Sri ChinmoyEvery few weeks the studio Kirtan band performs this song by Sri Chinmoy at the Thursday night musical meditation. Peace can either be mere dictionary word to which we give lip service, or it can be a feelings, thoughts and actions which we […]