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Pricing Updates 2018

Thank you for being a part of the Pilgrimage Yoga community! We appreciate your dedication to your practice and our studio.

December Yoga Story: Edward Rivera

Our yoga community is full of inspiring and passionate students, like our member Edward Rivera, who so kindly shared his story with us this month! What first brought you to yoga? I was intrigued by all the gravity-defying poses you see on social media and decided to try a membership deal at a nearby studio. […]

Joyful Celebration

The holidays are a time of celebration, a time of hope and renewal. Life presents us with unexpected changes and challenges, yet if we can maintain an awareness of the daily miracles that occur, we can stay rooted in the underlying joy of each transition that occurs.

Yoga and Human Rights

The moral and ethical foundation of yoga is rooted in truthfulness, non-harming, compassion, and empathy. At the heart of these teachings is a core respect for the tremendous value of each human life. Bringing this into play in our own lives is a worthwhile challenge. We can begin by valuing our own life: our bodies and minds. The daily or weekl

An Interconnected World

Our lives are dependent upon our environment. Awareness and actions based on an understanding of this interconnectedness, this web of life of which we are a part, will bring personal happiness and help solve the challenges that society faces.

From the Founder: Offering Peace

Offering Peace “The greatest misfortune that can come to a human being is to lose his or her inner peace. “ —Sri Chinmoy How can we maintain poise and equanimity while there is so much chaos happening around us? Through the practice of yoga we bring peace and calmness into our minds and hearts. That […]

From the Founder: The Role of the Teacher

The basics of yoga and meditation are simple: We strengthen our bodies by learning to hold and move between postures, we learn to be aware of our breathing and connect with our deeper sense of self: our spiritual heart. Though simple the journey is a long one. This process is accelerated by connecting with inspiring […]

From the Founder: When’s the Best Time to Meditate?

by Sujantra McKeever Anytime we are able to meditate is the best time for meditation. In our hectic society with busy schedules, work and a myriad of responsibilities, just finding five to ten minutes a day for meditation is an accomplishment. What is most important is that you do practice, every day. Morning is a […]

From the Founder: Meditation – Getting Out of Our Patterns

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein Einstein’s words encapsulate the challenge that I, and anyone who meditates, face each morning when sitting down to meditate. How do we use our minds and the thinking process to go beyond the realm of thought? Throughout […]

From the Founder: Letting Go of Expectation

Letting Go of Expectation One of my favorite sayings is: Peace begins when expectation ends. The challenge is how to end expectation. It takes introspection and a good look at the lessons life offers us. I recently wrote a blog for one of the top yoga sites in the world. As I reflect back on […]