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What is Meditation? by Martin Stamper

What is meditation? I think a lot of people ask this question, and the concept of meditation is a huge mystery in my opinion. I have meditated and read books on the subject, but it still seems to be somewhat elusive to define. However, I am going to take a leap and define meditation as […]

Yoga Story: Hajar

December Yoga Story: Hajar! 1. What first brought you to yoga? I’ve been a yoga student on and off for about 20 years but never immersed myself in the practice. I love the practice but would drop into classes every once in a while to learn the positions. I have a hand out with the […]

Yoga Story: Patti Scollay

What first brought you to yoga? I have done yoga off and on for years. This time I was lucky enough to have a daughter who found Pilgrimage of the Heart in her search for a yoga studio. As a family, she and I have associated yoga with healing. After hearing me complain about getting […]

Yoga Story: Tony Tavernier

SEPTEMBER YOGA STORY: Tony Tavernier 1. What first brought you to yoga? My experience with martial arts brought me a long way towards yoga, then my wife Cookie and roommate Ryan Schmidt took me to class in the Cayman Islands and thus it began. 2. What do you love most about yoga? At first it […]

A Weekend Away by Heather Fenwick

Gift yourself a weekend away from highways, computers, phone calls… Sarah Clark and I will help you to unplug from your routine and reconnect to your inner self. Nestle into the majestic San Jacinto mountains. Enjoy fresh air, tall trees, a flowing stream set amidst scenic meadows, and of course YOGA. We aligned this retreat […]

From the Founder

Remembering our Power The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! –William Wordsworth Each yoga class is an opportunity to pull our attention away from our phones, e-mail […]

Yoga Story: Carolina Moreira

Since an early age, I’ve been drawn to the laws of the Universe, spiritual teachings, psychology, and energy fields. Discovering the path of Yoga in 2008 was simply a way to have some of my universal questions answered, and to connect with myself on a deeper level. I feel that it wasn’t me who found […]

Bend Over Backwards by Lauren McLaren

Bend Over Backwards … for yourself Whenever that phrase, ‘bend over backwards’ emerges from someone’s mouth, it always sends up warning lights that signal sacrifice, hard work and generally unpleasant disruption – usually with little thanks for the effort. You know the type of effort I mean: at great inconvenience you’ve moved out of yo

Living Yoga Immersion – A Look Back by Caitlin Steiger

“The moment we start breeding the qualities we wish to attain through mindful awareness, we will see our world in a different light, as those on the outside will feel those qualities shining through. In time, we will become what we always were- our true self.” – Caitlin Steiger I never imagined that I would […]

5 Keys to Developing Your Home Practice

It’s summer time and the 4th of July is upon us. Studios are offering shortened schedules this week and many of you are going on vacation. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to keep your practice strong, even if you can’t make it in to the studio for class. Enjoy […]