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Connecting Yoga & Surfing: Spiritual connection

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The essence of surfing is deeply rooted to nature as similarly, yoga has a strong connection to Mother Earth. Nature and Mother Earth are one in the same, releasing a vibrant energy which touches the soul.

Patience and practice are very important aspects to yoga and to surfing.  The ability to calmly sit on your surfboard and wait for the right wave to arrive, one has to come into a state of meditation, with the reward being a gift from nature: a great ride! It is the manner in which the word “practice” is associated with yoga since it takes a great deal of time and patience for the body to be able to achieve some of the postures – eventually, it will happen.  Surfing and yoga may look easy to the outsider, but in reality they both require great practice and patience 

Yoga has connections to nature in every asana (posture). For example, Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Vrkshasana(Tree Pose), Matsyasana( Fish Pose) or Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) are all expressed by shapes and animals, which allows a person to find a deep connection to nature. As a person practices yoga their breath becomes like the ocean: constantly flowing back and forth like waves on the shifting sand. This is what gives yoga a strong connection to our Mother Earth. 

Being in the ocean while surfing, surrounded by a vast body of water, we are in the hands of our Mother Earth.  As you’re sitting or riding a wave you become connected with it, as if you were one with nature itself, just as when in an asana on your mat you become that natural organic shape or animal.   

Surfing and Yoga both can be your own expression of art, one that can never be perfected.  There is always room for improvement as you learn and experience new aspects about yourself and your body, external and internal. This is what makes surfing and yoga so spirituality connected. This is part 1, stay tuned for part 2, when I will discuses the physical connection of yoga that benefits surfers.  

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