Eighth Limb of 8-fold Path – Samadhi by Lena Schmidt


The eighth limb of the eight-fold path is the Samadhi. Samadhi is bliss, enlightenment, or absorption in ecstasy.

We can practice Samadhi in yoga by:

* Looking for and finding joy in each pose (challenge yourself to find it even in the poses you find very difficult)

* Practicing restorative poses that promote deep relaxation (supported reclining poses and legs up the wall are nice ones to start with)

* Letting go of thoughts and worries and being present with the breath

* Allowing yourself to completely surrender into relaxation and enjoy a long savasana at the end of practice

We can practice Samadhi in life by:

* Letting go of unnecessary thoughts, negative beliefs, and being present with the breath

* Practicing yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation

* Doing what you love!

Practice tips: Samadhi is not something to be achieved by chalking off eight steps on a list (though if that were the case, my fellow listmakers and I would have achieved it long ago J) We are all in search of happiness and bliss. We are all hoping to be so absorbed in an activity that we forget time. Instead of working your butt off to “achieve” Samadhi, try letting go and BEING. Find the bliss in each day and moment: surf, paint, hike, read, play with a puppy!


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