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Forks Over Knives: Movie Review by Sujantra

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IMG_6592Fork Over Knives
Movie Review by Sujantra

I’ve been a vegetarian for over three decades. It was a life choice that I made at age 18 on a camping trip. My friend and I didn’t have a camping stove so we decided to just pack up fruits, veggies, bee pollen and trail mix. I never looked back. We chose forks over knives, unknowingly.

A year later I met a spiritual teacher who advocated an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, which includes dairy and eggs. His primary explanation of the vegetarian diet centered on the consciousness of what you bring into your body.

A Plant Based Diet
Forks Over Knives presents a strongly persuasive and scientifically backed argument for the health and life benefits of a plant based diet. The movie centers around a group of doctors and their success in treating a wide range of diseases through a plant-based diet. It also draws on a number of significant studies that have been done in the United States, India and China. The studies are conclusive and compelling.

Yoga, Food, and Awareness
The biggest challenge in making any shift in our life patterns, whether pertaining to food, diet, drugs, exercise, hobbies, relationship etc., is becoming convinced that there is a dire need for change. Once we see things clearly then the rest falls into place. Yoga helps us to look at ourselves honestly. This clarity will prompt the necessary actions.

Obesity, Cancer and Diabetes
The movie is well made and has a series of story threads running simultaneously keeping the learning curve high throughout the film. From studies in China involving 65,000 people to 24 patients given less than a year to live, their story is our story as we all share the human body.

Give the film a watch and pass it along to others who might benefit. I found it on Netfix.

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