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Free Meditation and Mindfulness Classes

Enjoy Stress Reduction and Expansion of Your Consciousness

by Sujantra McKeever

Meditation is an ancient science that can help you reduce stress, facilitate personal growth, and help you to experience higher states of consciousness. Join us for an experience you will never forget. 

I use the terms mindfulness and meditation interchangeably. Mindfulness is a conscious, focused awareness of what is happening in the present moment in one’s mind, body, and environment. Meditation is a practice that fosters mindfulness. In addition, meditation includes a variety of techniques for stress reduction, concentration, and expansion of awareness.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. Our system encompasses both. In this writing, I will use the term meditation.

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Class Times

We currently offer free meditations at these times: 

  • Mondays, 11:15 AM -11:45 AM, led by Sujantra
  • Tuesdays, 7:30 PM - 8:15 PM, led by Sujantra
  • Wednesdays, 11:15 AM -12:00 PM led by Astika (emphasis on Zen Philosophy & Meditation)
  • Thursdays, 9:15 - 9:45 AM, led by John

In addition, we have Sound Healing & Savasana, a meditative experience where most students choose to recline on the floor for deep relaxation and meditation. This offering is at the regular class price. 

  • Thursdays, 7:30 - 8:15 PM with Sujantra & Oak
  • Starting September 9, 2023: Saturdays, 5:30 - 6:30 PM with Oak

“Sujantra explained meditation is a non-mysterious way.” K.L San Diego

What You Need To Bring

This seated meditation takes place in our yoga room. We ask that you remove your shoes before entering the room. You have the option of sitting in a chair or on the floor. Sitting on the floor, you can lean against the wall for back support. We also have blankets and cushions that you can use to create a comfortable seat. No special clothing is needed. 

I recommend you refrain from eating a heavy meal before coming to class, as that increases the likelihood of falling asleep. If you are coming from a sedentary day, it can be helpful to revitalize yourself with a brisk walk or other activity beforehand. This is optional but recommended.

On Tuesday nights, there is tea for anyone who would like to stay and chat for a few minutes.

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Our Style of Meditation

Our style of meditation can be practiced by children and adults, by people of all faiths and walks of life. Our 5-step process for meditation is a combination of ancient, time-tested techniques paired with the most up-to-date scientific research. 

In very general terms, this is a heart-centered meditation in that, in addition to learning to quiet and calm the mind, importance is given to cultivating qualities such as gratitude, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. You will also learn mantra meditation, visualization techniques, concentration techniques, conscious relaxation, body scans, and cultivate the ability to observe your thoughts and emotions with a healthy sense of detachment. 

You will derive benefits from even a single meditation experience at our studio. Come once, or join us weekly. Our meditation classes are free so that the essential techniques for stress reduction and inner discovery are available to everyone free of charge.

These techniques result from my 40 years of personal meditation practice, extensive study into all modern and ancient types of meditation, and 27 years of monastic study with Indian spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. 

“The information was so clearly and practically presented. The materials taught are widely applicable to people of all ages or backgrounds. I appreciate the professional guidance.” L.M. San Diego

Our 5-Step Process for Meditation

Our 5-step system for learning and practicing meditation is simple yet highly effective. The system requires no specific religious or spiritual beliefs. What is needed is a belief in yourself and a commitment to your regular practice. I have written several books on meditation that can help guide your training. Here are the 5 steps:


1. Energize

Move your body to revitalize your mind and nervous system. Relaxed movement help works out stress and prepares you to be alert and focused. In class, these exercises are done in a seated position and involve shoulder shrugs, neck rolls, and gentle twists. 

2. Conscious Relaxation

Combine breath control and physical awareness to relax and still the body. On the inhalation, you will focus on a specific body part, such as the muscles in the forehead, and on the exhalation, you release and relax those muscles. If stress reduction is your primary focus, this exercise is for you.

3. Concentration

Gather up your awareness through concentration techniques, focusing on breath, visual imagery, body sensation, and sound. You will experience a calm and balanced state of mind. 

4. Meditation

Meditation flows naturally from concentration techniques. By adding in intentions, visualization techniques, affirmations, and mantras, you enter the creative and enlivening experience of meditation. At this point in the practice, the experience becomes more individualized depending on your goals and motivations. 

5. Reflection and Manifestation

At the end of the practice, there are a few quiet moments to reflect on your personal experience and how you can use the inspiration from your meditation in your day-to-day life.  

Just as a beautiful tree begins with a tiny seed, so too do our lives blossom from the seeds of our innermost thoughts and inspirations. A regular meditation practice will speed up the manifestation of your aspirations. 

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Get Started Today

To begin your journey into learning meditation, please attend one of our classes. There you will receive guidance from a qualified instructor who is well-versed in the art and science of mediation. You will also meet others who are either learning meditation or already have a regular practice. 

You can also jump right in a do one of our meditations on YouTube. These guided meditations are a great way to get a feel for the experience of meditation in the comfort of your own home. Below is an explanation of the videos and a link to our basic Conscious Relaxation technique.

Resources for Learning Mediation

Meditations on YouTube

During the pandemic, I moved my weekly meditations from in-person to YouTube. We recorded these videos, which now provide a library of over 50 vides encompassing nearly all types of meditation.

Each video is approximately thirty minutes, with the first ten minutes devoted to a specific topic. The final twenty minutes is the actual mediation experience.

Topics covered include stress reduction, finding your passion, opening your spiritual heart, cultivating gratitude, and decision-making. The link below will take you to the basic conscious relaxation technique for stress reduction. The background is a piece of abstract art…it was the early days of playing with zoom!


I have written several books on meditation and spiritual philosophy, available on Amazon and at the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga gift shop inside the yoga studio. We also carry books written by other teachers that I stand behind as offering excellent instruction and advice for practicing meditation.

My books include: Learn to Meditate, Strategy for Success, Learn to Teach Meditation and Mindfulness, Paths are Many Truth is One, and 7 Secrets to Super Health.

Learn to Teach Mediation

In addition to our regular free meditation classes, we also offer a 7-hour training each year on how to teach meditation to both children and adults. 

Our Yoga Teacher Training program also offers 10 hours of meditation training. Contact to find out about the next meditation training or our yoga teacher training.

“I appreciate the practical breakdown of the science behind mediation and mindfulness.” –S.M. San Diego

Why are the Classes Free?

I learned to meditate from my teacher, Sri Chinmoy, free of charge, and I enjoy passing on that tradition to others. All foundational and essential techniques are taught at no charge during our regular meditation classes. In addition, for a fee, there are other activities that will enhance your meditation practice. These include yoga classes at the studio, retreats, and special trainings in meditation and breathwork: pranayama.

How Meditation Works

Meditation is validated both as an ancient for spiritual enlightenment and a modern antidote to stress. Modern science has discovered that meditation techniques stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which signals our body to rest and digest. The stresses of modern living activate our sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates our fight-or-flight response. 

Learning to meditate is one of the most direct and effective ways to balance life's challenges with our natural need to rest and unwind.

Please Join Us

Thank you for taking the time to explore our site and the information on meditation. I hope you are inspired to begin your journey into meditation and experience all the joy and balance it can bring to your life. Whether you learn from us or in another way, always remember that the peace of mind you seek is within yourself. Mediation is the journey of rediscovering your essence.