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From the Founder: A Fresh Start

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A Fresh Start

Enthusiasm and Eagerness
Can definitely create
New opportunities. –Sri Chinmoy

The New Year (welcome to 2015!) offers us the opportunity to make changes and new resolutions in our lives. We can choose to explore, expand and manifest our untapped abilities, and let go of any habits that are not serving our health and wellbeing.

Change feels great, yet it also challenges us to step out of our comfort zone. Borrowing from physics: for an electron to jump orbits requires a burst of energy. We also need a burst of energy to make change. This energy, in the form of eagerness and enthusiasm, can come from your yoga practice, coupled with a clear vision of the changes you are making.

Visualize, make a vision board, start a journal, set an intention… do whatever it takes to start to manifest newness. Then infuse your intentions into your yoga practice. You will find energy that you never knew you had!


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