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From the Founder: Increasing Happiness

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Increasing Happiness

If you cannot claim others’ happiness
As your own,
Then you will not be able to enjoy
Your own happiness unreservedly. –Sri Chinmoy

As I meander through life I often wonder: what limits my ability to enjoy life?

Everyone I know longs for happiness albeit through a wide variety of experiences and possessions: money, yoga, relationships, family, knowledge, pleasure, religion, meditation and many more.

There are many ways to achieve happiness. Yet we all share the common quest for maximizing our happiness and discovering and eliminating those factors which limit our ability to feel happiness.

I have found two ways to try to increase my happiness. One is to try to get more of the thing, person or activity that brings me happiness. The other way is when I try to refine my mind and heart to feel and experience happiness at a deeper and more fulfilling level.

The aphorism by Sri Chinmoy, which begins this writing, presented me with a clear and definite challenge pertaining to the second way to increase happiness. I decided to explore his idea. I figured if he is right it could lead to more happiness for me!

I began to carefully watch how I related to the happiness of others; how I felt when I saw others happy. Could I feel their happiness as my own or was I jealous or envious of their happiness?

I was surprised, both by what I observed going on within myself, and at how quickly that awareness allowed me to make some inner changes that did, indeed, allow me to feel more happiness. I challenge you to try for yourself!


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