Kellie Livingstone, C-IAYT and E-CYT 500

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Kellie Livingstone (she/her) is a certified yoga therapist and YTT educator who has been a sincere student of the practice since 2011. After taking her first training at 18 years old and recognizing its immense positive impact on her mental health, Kellie has devoted much of her life to reverently sharing the teachings of yoga. 

With over 2000 hours of training under her belt, her offerings are deeply inspired by her thorough knowledge of both the physical and subtle body. She has had the privilege of studying with sensational teachers such as Amy Weintraub, Leslie Kaminoff, Janet Stone, Nischala Joy Devi, and Annie Carpenter. As a yoga therapist, her specialty is creating unique classes that address physical and mental imbalances by focusing on postural alignment, nervous system regulation, and mindfulness.

Kellie strives to inspire her students to foster an interest in slowing down, drawing attention inward, and becoming aware of the subtle nuances of the human experience. Because of her love for both yogic philosophy and poetry, there is often an interweaving of the two within each asana class. She has taught classes and trainings in the United States, Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, and New Zealand. When not teaching yoga you can find her lost in a good book, handstanding in the sunshine, cuddling her rescue pups, or exploring the world with her partner in life and adventure, Chris.