Nikole Fortier, E-RYT 200

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Nikole is amused by the poetic irony of pop culture introducing her to yoga: "I went in looking for 'yoga butt' and walked out profoundly changed--physically, mentally, psychically." Nine years later, she's dedicated to creating space in her classes for students to experience something similar.

Nikole has a 200 hour certification from UCSD training with Arturo Galvez in the Iyengar & Astanga traditions, and recently completed a 100 hour interdisciplinary flow certification from Yoga One with Amy Caldwell & Diana Beardsley. She's been blessed to have studied with many amazing teachers, and often credits her students for teaching her most. In her classes, she likes to incorporate chanting, pranayama, Sanskrit, philosophy, still and moving meditation through asanas with emphasis on the breath so that students can experience the spectrum of transformational yoga expressions. Foremost, she encourages students to practice loving kindness, truth, peace and acceptance on the mat as these qualities invariably translate into life.

Nikole's Class Style: Nikole's classes are based on the profound and deep teachings of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar. Emphasis is placed on precise physical alignment of the outermost body toward the innermost Self, using props as tools to allow deep expression of each pose. Nikole incorporates the teaching inversions and all 8 limbs of Yoga within each class.