Zach Brown, RYT 200

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Zach firmly believes that the Yogic path is accessible to everyone, as it holds a special place in his heart and has guided him through life with greater ease. Originally from Southern New Jersey, he now feels lucky to call San Diego his home. Zach is sincerely committed to living more skillfully and finding peace with the world, and he is passionate about helping his students discover their own paths of self-discovery.

Having recently survived cancer, Zach’s connection to the yogic path has become even stronger. He encourages each of us to delve deeper, uncover common threads, slow down, and embrace life through mindful breathing and movement.

Zach’s yoga journey includes a 200-Hr Budokon Yoga Certificate in 2015 in Miami, and in 2022, he completed his 200-Hr Hatha Yoga Certificate and Yin training from Pilgrimage of the Heart in San Diego. Additionally, he holds a Budokon Red Belt. His teaching approach is centered around recognizing each person as a unique individual, viewing their journey as a creation of their own. Zach understands that yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice. While you’ll learn various well-known postures in his classes, he also encourages you to explore your own sensations and thoughts, which may vary from day to day.

Zach’s illness and recovery redirected his focus towards self-realization in this lifetime, and he is dedicated to illuminating this path for others to discover. He shares his experiences, knowledge, and grateful heart with those seeking to elevate their human experience and expand their mindfulness.

In Zach’s classes, expect to be challenged while exploring your personal edge in a safe and welcoming environment that embraces individuals from all backgrounds. He breaks free from the traditional rules, encouraging you to step beyond the confines of your mat, symbolically urging you out of your comfort zone. Zach firmly believes in continuous learning and encourages viewing life with a beginner’s mindset.