Sound Healing and Kirtan


Join us for an evening of music, community and joyful fun!

Through sound, singing and chanting we can reconnect with our essential nature and vibrate our bodies and minds into balance and harmony. We feature a variety of artists offering Kirtan, Indian music, chanting, drumming, guided visualizations and more.
“Tom and Friends” features Tom Warner, Gia George, Denise and Sujantra. Tom has been offering Kirtan every Thursday at Pilgrimage of the Heart since 2010!

Upcoming Artists
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Jan 24: Sita Rose – Unleash Your Voice
Jan 31: Tom and Friends
Feb 7: Sita Rose – Unleash Your Voice
Feb 14: Music of the Angels
Feb 21: Journey to India with Sujantra
Feb 28: Tom and Friends

Tom and Friends consists of multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Tom Warner and Gia George with Denise Rhodes singing and playing guitar. Other friends will join the combo occasionally. Tom and friends is a traditional, call and response Kirtan offering. Everyone who attends is encouraged to sing, chant and meditate. Follow Tom, Gia and Denise on Instagram and Facebook.

Sita Rose: “Unleash Your Voice” is an embodied meditation practice designed to awaken you to the power of your own vibration. Embrace your creativity and harmonize with other voices through chant, mantra, toning, chakras, and vocal improvisation. Guided by Sita Rose, this vocal playground is a safe space for you to let go, sing, and get curious about your vocal sound healing.

Journey to India with Sujantra
Journey into your spiritual heart through music, poetry, guided visualizations, rhythm and storytelling. Various artists will be featured in this multi-faceted sound experience. Participants can sit or set up in savasana.

Music of the Angels
Relax and receive the healing energy of the angelic realms within and around you.
Through soothing songs and her inspiring voice Gia channels an uplifting divine wisdom that will support you on your journey. Music of the Angels is Gia’s offering of sound healing, guided meditation, and Reiki energy activations to soothe the soul.


Hope you can join us!


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